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I want a result to look like this (converting from a solution in Excel to reporting services):

Campaigns      Success      Not Success      Total      Success %     Not sucess %
Campaign 1     1            4                5          20%           80%
Campaign 2     4            4                8          50%           50%

How do I accomplish this task? I can add the Total column, without any problems - but i dont know how to add the sucess % and not success % columns :/

Thanks a bunch in advance! :)


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Are you using a table or a matrix for this? –  Gerrie Schenck Feb 5 '09 at 10:20
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I think to add new columns you just need to right click and add a new column?

For the "detail" field of the Success % column, right click and selct "expression" to get to the expression editor. Then enter the following expression

=(Fields!Success.Value/Fields!Total.Value) * 100

For the Not sucess column do similar except your expression would be =(Fields!NotSuccess.Value/Fields!Total.Vlaue) * 100

(obviously the names of the actual database fields may be different in your situation)

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To add to Calanus's answer, you can format the cell to show a percent via its Right-Click Properties or by using the FORMAT function.

=FORMAT((Fields!Success.Value/Fields!Total.Value), "P")
=FORMAT((Fields!NotSuccess.Value/Fields!Total.Vlaue), "P")
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Or you can highlight the cell in the designer and add a "p" in the Format property in the Properties window. –  Nathan Feb 11 '09 at 3:23
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If you are using a matrix then you can use the group to divide by either column or row, i.e.,

=round((Fields!count.Value/sum(Fields!count.Value,"matrix1_RowGroup1") * 100,2) & " %"

the field count would be the total of any given category

Example of record set

Campaing1 1 Success
Campaing1 4 Not Success
Campaing2 4 Success
Campaing2 4 Not Success
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