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In which directory libpthread library resides in Linux system?

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There are a number of ways to find this out.

Simply type find / -name 'libpthread.*' -print to find the file named on your system.

You can check the library locations your dynamic linker ld checks in for libraries, which are listed in /etc/

Also, if you are running a debian-based distro, or have dpkg installed, you can use dpkg -S libpthread, which will give you the packages that contain files with the name libpthread and where those files are installed. Distros with RPM support should have a similar feature. Hope this helps!

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You can try the following command = locate

it gave the following output when I tried :

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The pthreads run time library usually lives in /lib, while the development library usually lives in /usr/lib. This can vary by distribution, but this is at least the location on Debian and Ubuntu and I doubt other mainstream distributions use anything else.

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In Ubuntu it is located in usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/. At least, it is the path on my system!

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