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I am trying to refer to a cstring mycustompath from a different class from my current class.

CString test = CBar::mycustompath + _T("executables\\IECapt");

But I got this error instead:

error C2597: illegal reference to non-static member 'CBar::mycustompath' c:\work\b.cpp 14

How to fix this?

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This means that mycustompath is a property of a specific CBar object and not a property of the CBar class. You'll need to instantiate a CBar class

CBar* myBar = new CBar();
CString test = myBar->mycustompath + _T("executables\\IECapt");

or reference one you already have or, if mycustompath doesn't vary by CBar object, you can change it to static in the class:

class CBar
    static CString mycustompath;
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This indicates that CBar::mycustompath is not a static member variable of CBar. You will have to create an instance of CBar to access it:

CBar bar;
CString test = bar.mycustompath + _T("executables\\IECapt");
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