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I read somewhere that config data is stored under user account->Local Settings->Application data, but can't find where the dlls, exes and resource files are going.

I know ClickOnce uses an application store and a data directory to store its application data, but are these accessible to the client? Are they browseable?

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The dlls exes etc are all stored in the same folder. On my machine the root for each app is:


You can of course browse these with explorer...

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thanks. i was being retarded. the path ...Apps\2.0\3NAG6TP8.1YV\84QN2WN6.4C3\ threw me off – burnside Feb 5 '09 at 10:44

On XP it is

c:\Documents and Settings\UserName(Sometimes called "Owner")\Local Settings\Apps\2.0\

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