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My application uploaded on two application server. Both are accessing the same location(Physical location like any drive) for accessing and processing the file. My scenario is like that, Suppose Server1 take the file and start the processing, still its not completed before that Server2 take that file and Server2 also start the processing.

This is my issue. I want to only, if File is access by any server then other can’t be access that file. If Server1 is used file then Server2 can’t access that vise-versa. I had tried with java.nio.channels.FileChannel for file locking but both the servers are able to locked the file and no one can access after locked the file by any of server.

I thought about database side solution but in our case it is not physible for us because of performance.

Help me if anyone have solution.

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If you can't use a database, without knowing about your O/S or programming language choice (I'm guessing, Java?) couldn't you just write out a lock file to the drive and check for the presence of the lock file before each server attempts to access it? For example, to lock "myfile.jpg" you could create a file called "myfile.jpg.lock" and if that lock file exists, deny access to "myfile.jpg" until the lock file is removed. –  Richard Mar 1 '11 at 11:00
Hi Thanks for your reply. But that’s not feasible solution because of a server take multiple file for processing at time. I m not able to handle all the original files name. In some case server will be down then original file name i lost. –  D Vekaria Mar 1 '11 at 13:56

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