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Basically by default the search dropdown menu appears on the left of the search box in an additional , i want it to appear above the search input field, is there built in functionality on the control to do so?

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There is no built-in functionality to change the layout of the search box. As it is a delegate control there isn't much you can change either - but what I did in a recent customization project:

Use Javascript to pull out the scopes dropdown and just place it somewhere else. The dropdown aswell as the input box, both sit within a table in the following structure:

            <td><select ...><!--scopes dropdown--></td>
            <td><input ...><!--search box --></td>
            <td><input ...><!--search button --></td>

With either jQuery or just regular Javascript you could get the innerHTML of the scope dropdown td and just place it anywhere else on the page.

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Thanks, Its pretty much what i ended up doing in the beginning, I just didn't really want to go down that route if there was a built method. –  ivordesign Mar 1 '11 at 15:28

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