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using (TransactionScope scope = new TransactionScope())
using (var context = new dwfEntities())
  var field = (from x in context.DynFields where x.Id == id select x).First();

  //delete defaults
  foreach (var item in from x in context.DynFieldDefaults where x.DynField_Id == id select x)

  //delete field


The code throws "The connection object can not be enlisted in transaction scope"

Does SQL CE 4 support TransactionScope ? if not, is there any workaround so I can safely delete objects ?

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in case SQL CE does not support transaction scope, you can surely use the normal transactional approach, connection.BeginTransaction then transaction.Commit or Rollback...

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If the connection is opened outside of the transaction scope you need to explicitly call EnlistTransaction. You cannot implicitly use a connection with a transaction scope in SQL CE as described here

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