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I have encountered a situation where I have to assign the value of a JavaScript variable into Java variable. Please suggest me a way to do it.

P.S: Assigning value of Java variable into JavaScript is something like this:

< Script>< %

String str = "abcd";

%> var x = <%= a %>; /Script>

I have to do opposite of it.

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If Java is being used as the server-side language, by the time the page has been sent, Java has long finished (it doesn't run after the page has loaded). You may make a request to a page, sending the variable with the request, and that page may have Java handle the variable, though.

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It is not even clear what you are doing, but I assume that the snippet you show is part of a template for a web page. You will not be able to get the variable directly - JavaScript will be running on another computer some continents apart!

But you can make the client communicate with the server, using AJAX.

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