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I want to do this

(format nil "One occurence of ~X , another one: ~X , and yet another one: ~X" #\some-char)

Is there any X format directive that can do this?

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btw in such cases where i post a question and after STFW I find the answer almost immediately, should i delete the question or leave it? – Paralife Mar 1 '11 at 11:44
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Found it: It is ~:* It tells lisp to reuse the last argument. Like rewinding the arguments one place back.

For the whole explanation paragraph see: (it is near the bottom of the page)

So it becomes

(format nil "One occurence of ~C , another one: ~:*~C , and yet another one: ~:*~C" #\a)
=> "One occurence of a , another one: a , and yet another one: a"
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