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I'm wondering is there a way to test an expression like:

var[:test] ||= "value"

using Rspec. Basically I'd like to be able to specify something like:

var = mock

To be more precise, I want to test that the ||= is applied to the var[:test].


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The construct var[:test] ||= value essentially means:

if there is a key :test in hash
   var[:test] should remain what it is
   var[:test] = value

This means you have two tests on your hands, something along the lines of:

it "should not override var[:test]"
it "should set var[:test] to be equal to 'value'"

For example, lets say you have a class:

class Blah
  attr_reader :var
  def initialize(var={})
  def set_test_key(value)
    var[:test] ||= "value"

You can do something like:

describe Blah do
  it "should not override var[:test]" do
    blah ={:test=>"foo"})
    blah.should equal("foo")
  it "should set var[:test] to be equal to 'bar'" do
    blah =
    blah.should equal("bar")

That's the gist of it, will need to be adapted to your situation.

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Very clean and simple. Thanks! – morgan freeman Mar 1 '11 at 14:20

There is no such thing as a :[]||= operator.

var[:test] ||= value

is simply a shorthand for

var[:test] = var[:test] || value
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Not sure about mocks, but assuming the code is inside a method:

def value
  @value ||= "value"

you could simply call it twice and check that both objects are the same:

it "should memoize the value" do
  value.should equal(value)
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