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When i run my .net 3.5 cf application that reads some data from ms sql ce, sometimes i get an native exception with the following info:

ExceptionCode: 0xc0000005
ExceptionAddress : 0x44746e65 (variable)
Reading: 0x44746e64

at NativeMethods.GetKeyInfo(IntPtr pTx, String pwszBaseTable, IntPtr prgDbKeyInfo, Int32 cDbKeyInfo, IntPtr pError)

at SqlCeCommand.ExecuteReader(CommandBahavior behavior)

(... omitted for brevity)

at dadosGpsTableAdapter.GetDadosAEnviar()

My GetDadosAEnviar query is very simple:

SELECT        _id, Latitude, Longitude, Ignicao, Altitude, Velocidade,Direcao, Qualidade, Timestamp, Valido, Enviado, CondutorID
FROM            DadosGps
WHERE        (Enviado = 0)

and the code that calls this query is:

private bool SendRemainingData()
        SetCurrentStatus("A Enviar historico");

            lock (lockObj)
                DadosDataSet.DadosGpsDataTable dadosAEnviar = gpsAdapter.GetDadosEnviar();

                if (dadosAEnviar.Rows.Count > 0)

                    foreach (DadosDataSet.DadosGpsRow amostra in dadosAEnviar.Rows)
                        bool resultado = webServicesGps.SendToServerGPSData(IMEI, amostra.Timestamp, amostra.Latitude, amostra.Longitude, Convert.ToDecimal(amostra.Altitude),
                            Convert.ToDecimal(amostra.Velocidade), Convert.ToDecimal(amostra.Direcao), new bool[] { amostra.Ignicao }, decimal.Zero, Convert.ToDecimal(amostra.Qualidade), "");

                        if (resultado)

(... omitted for brevity)

As you can see for the previous research i was indicated that it could be an sync issue between threads, so i use the lock statement with an

private static object lockObj=new object();

But the problem is when it calls the GetDadosAEnviar. What i can do to correct this behavior?


After more extensive debbuging i framed the code that causes the exception, it's on the auto-generated code vs creates:

this.Adapter.SelectCommand = this.CommandCollection[3];
        DadosDataSet.DadosGpsDataTable dataTable = new DadosDataSet.DadosGpsDataTable();
        //Next line "barfs" an native exception
        return dataTable;
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Is the SqlCeConnection being used at the same time on another thread?

If that is the case, you may need a lock there too. To test, make a new connection (temporarily) and see if it fixes it.

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it doesn't work. The error is in the vs2008 auto-generated code , when it attempts to call an the dataAdapter.fill method. See the updated post, with the code that "barfs" the exception –  Sorcerer86pt Mar 2 '11 at 15:56
Did you try putting a lock around every place you use a DataTable, or did you try opening a new connection in every place? –  jonathanpeppers Mar 2 '11 at 19:16
create new connection, do stuff, close connection. But i was able to solve it by removing the sqlce installation and install it again –  Sorcerer86pt Mar 3 '11 at 16:10
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The error was caused by corruption of the sqlce native dll. By unistalling and re-installing the slce everything worked. Better yet it is quicker, because of the time stemp on optmizing the flow of code, instead of using stock VS boilerplate code

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I had exactly the same error and was pulling my hair out with frustration, not getting anywhere. I references the SQL CE dlls directly and copied them all to the device during deploy, so after I read the above solution I tried to remove all the files and redeploy from scratch. That also did not work. In the end I installed SQL Server CE 3.5 SP2 directly on to the device with the CAB file found in

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition\v3.5\Devices\wce500\armv4i\sqlce.wce5.armv4i.cab

(ARMv4 in my case, your's may vary). After installing this to the device everything ran fine.

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