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What I have is a Google map that shows the location of a property but when I come to print the dynamic maps dont print so good so I decided to implement the Google Static Map image API.


^^ is an example of a property in print view and should show a static map image but it fails to load and looking at my inspector I'm getting a 403 Forbiden response for the image.

But if I go to the URL directly the image loads...

What am I doing wrong?



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Oops I feel like such an idiot. I was using the old V2 maps API URL and not the new V3 API URL. I was getting a 403 because I was using the V2 URL without providing an API key :(

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But even so, how comes that you get 403 when loading from an img tag, and it works when loading directly in the browser?? I have the same issue –  matteo Dec 8 '11 at 20:18
And by the way, what V3 api url???? According to the documentation, there no such a thing as a static map api V3, the latest version for static map api is V2. I'm confused –  matteo Dec 8 '11 at 20:23

There seems to be some confusion here, and since this thread is highly ranked on Google, it seems relevant to clarify.

Google has a couple of different API's to use for their maps service:

Javascript API

The old version of this API was version 2, which required a key. This version is deprecated, and it is recommended to upgrade to the newer version 3. Note that the documentation still states that you need a key for this to function, except if you're using "Google Maps API for Business".

Static Maps API

This is a whole different story. Static maps is a service that does not require any javascript. You simply call an url, and Google will return a maps image, making it possible to insert the URL directly into your <img> tag. The newest version is version 2, and this requires a key to function because a usage limit is applied.

A key can be requested here: https://code.google.com/apis/console

And the key should be added to the request for the correct image to be generated:


I hope this clears up some confusion.

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I dunno if this has changed since your answer, but according to the static maps API v2 a key is not required. quoted from the site: "Note that the use of a key is not required, though it is recommended. Examples in this document do not include the key parameter so that they will work for all users who cut-and-paste the code." –  Code Novitiate Apr 16 '13 at 8:51

Yeah, Google Maps API version 3 were java-script version; "Google Static Maps" latest were 2.0. I suspect there might be some restriction on use.

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I had this same problem but my solution was different. I had the V2 maps api enabled, but not the static maps api (I thought this was V2). I enabled the static maps api and it worked.

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This worked for me. In the Google APIs console I had enabled "Google Maps API" but not "Static Maps API", which is near the bottom of the list. –  Ryan Wheale Dec 12 '13 at 7:14

Staticmaps V3 doesn't need the "Key" attribute and removing it seems to solve the <img> source problem.

Try with an URL like this:


For more information read this.

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Latest version of the Static Maps API is v2.. –  Koen. Aug 23 '13 at 11:42

this has gotten quite a lot of views so I'm adding my solution to the problem here: when using the new api, make sure you generate a Key for browser apps (with referers) and also make sure the patterns match your URL. eg when requesting from example.com your pattern should be


when you're requesting from www.example.com:


so make sure you check whether a subdomain is present and allow both patterns in the developer console.

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This is exactly what helped me! I spent whole weekend with that issue. Newest static maps api, right URL, I am sending api_key, api console told me "no problems" - and I was getting only error 403 forbidden by Google. Finally I found your advice and bingo! :) I've just added mydomain.com/* to api console and it works like a charm! Thank you :) –  Frederico Rossini Mar 30 '14 at 19:00
Also remember to add localhost/* if you want it to work on localhost –  jackocnr yesterday

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