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In groovy, there are two methods namely any and find method that can be used in Maps.

Both these methods will "search" for the content that we are interested in (that is, both any and find method return whether the element is in Map or not, that is they need to search).

But within this search how do they differ?

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Have you looked at the documentation for find and any

Hint: The difference lies with the return type

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If find fails to find anything it should return groovy false. This is the contract of "Any"... so although they are not identical, it sounds like "Find" would fufil the contract of both. –  Bill K Feb 8 '13 at 23:08
 (!list.find{predicate}) <> (!list.any{predicate})

However :

( list.find{predicate}) >< (list.any{predicate})

If any does not exist in Groovy API and you want to add this feature to List metClass, any implementation will be :

java.util.List.metaClass.any={Closure c-> 
     return delegate.find(c) != null


Find is more general than any

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