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Hello guys I am working on silverlight and I have issue regarding on database connectivity.

I had tried with sqlce, but this is not working. I was tried with much of blog but still is not working.

so as well as MS Access also not connecting so is there any solution for the outofbroser application

I am really getting stuck. beacause I am using Isolation storage but it's still not providing ID so there is no scope to use it.

It's really solid problem I am suffering to using silverlight.

Is there any solution for this how to connect database with silverlight.


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Yes, always there is a solution.

Silverlight does not support Database connectivity, I know it seems weird but it is very good for a lot of reasons.

The solution is to create a WCF Service and use it to get the data.

Silverlight <---> WCF Service <---> SQL Server

Here is a simple example: Consuming WCF Services in Silverlight

and here is an advanced one: Using WCF RIA Services

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Looks like you are trying to connect to a database directly from a Silverlight application.

That is not possible. Silverlight does not provide a way to connect to a database directly. You must use a Web Service instead.

Try looking into WCF Data Services/RIA Services. They work great with Silverlight applications.

Here is a good tutorial from Brad Abrams on RIA Services.

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