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I am trying to better understand various platforms to serve ads in my Android application. It is a free application and is a Location based reminder - has been localized into 7 languages. It is a native Android App. It is not yet on the market place. I want to stick in the Ads support before I publish it. The Application requires Internet access even if I do not use serve the Ads.

I started assuming I can use AdSense, but then my application has been rejected. I do not have website or a blog with high traffic. What options do I have? I looked at other Google Ads Platform - AdMob/AdWhirl and DoubleClick. And then there are those non-Google Platforms such as Smatoo and Mojiva.

These various platforms and different approaches, suggest it is a crowded field and confusing too for a newcomer. Can the readers please provide their insights and suggestions based on their experience? What options do I have? Thank you

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Check this post for a list of the available advertising networks. There are links to several reviews as well. – THelper Feb 10 '12 at 10:50

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With my apps I have done decent with both AdMob and Mobclix. Currently I use a hybrid of Mobclix as the Primary and failing over to Admob when Mobclix does not return an ad. The good thing about Mobclix is that it is a mediator between 15-20 different ad companies including Smatoo, Mojiva, etc. So you don't have to individually register to each one.

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Thank you - I will do something similar – Abhi Mar 1 '11 at 17:38

You might also want to check out Appmobi, Leadbolt and Burstly. Leadbolt has some high performance ad types that do way better than banners if placed well.

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We have done well with Mocean mobile managing yield and perfromance for inventory, and mojiva selling it.

Hope that helps.

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