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I am trying to write a recursive method that inserts an element into a linked list via recursion.

 * Insert the element in the list in non-decreasing order.
public static List insert( int element, List list )
    // Implement.

The List class is as follows ( excluding getters/setters and other methods such as length( List l ) etc which I have already implemented ).

public class List
    int head;
    List tail;

    // Additional methods

I am having trouble getting my head around a recursive solution for this method and after much frustration I would appreciate some SO feedback.


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Something like this might work:

public static List insert( int element, List list )
   if(list == null)
      return new list(element, null);
      list.next = insert(element, list.next);
      return list
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Here there's some information on how to handle linked lists and how to build the different methods involved.

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