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I am sure many of you would have seen Jamie's Receipe app. In that, they have a shopping list. If you click on an item in the shopping it, it animates and strikes off that item from the list.

I would like to know how do they do that? How can we have such a strike off?

Thanks! enter image description here

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the answer is the same as in all those "how do they do that?" question.

They've created a custom UIView that does this.

Programming is not just arranging available Interface elements. Sometimes it involves the creation of something new.

EDIT: The strikeouts are indeed only images. You can find strike_out_0.png to strike_out_3.png in the app bundle.

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most likely it's just a UIImageView placed on top of the text and then animated.

This has information on how to animate a UIImageView


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