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I want to create file-links to open an external editor from firefox. I have registered a new protocol in firefox using the about:config page:


No I can create a link like this:

<a href="editfile:N:\test.txt">Edit file</a>

Firefox asks me, which application to open for this protocol (in my case I choose Dreamweaver). But then Dreamweaver complains:

editfile:N:\test.txt has an incorrect filepath.

So Dreamweaver has been told to open 'editfile:N:\test.txt' and not 'N:\test.txt'. I tried this with Notepad++, but same result.

How can I solve this problem, any suggestions?


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As a workaround or solution:

I registered:


n stands for the drive letter where the file is located on. Now I can open files on N\: with this link:

<a href="n:\test.txt">Edit file</a>

with Dreamweaver.

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