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hey, im trying to do a multi file upload on my form, i used form api for that and drupal_render , but i cant find where i can do $form['uploadfield']=array(...multi files amount=3)

anyone has code to implment multi file upload in form api on d6?

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Currently I do not think this is possible through the FAPI. See the discussions below: http://drupal.org/node/452446


There are some other options however. You can try using a Drupal module that implements this such as SWFUpload or Image FUpload (if you want to upload images).

SWFUpload can be used with CCK's Filefield and Image FUpload can be used with CCK's imagefield

EDIT: If your form is used for a custom content type, these articles/discussions should be helpful to you: http://drupal.org/node/722268

Using these methods, people have been able to add a CCK FileField to their custom content type.

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