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I'm just not getting my head around the pattern matching in sed, what is worse, there are quotes as separators.

I do:

 cat file | grep \'*.s\'

and get:

'PhaseRayA:      '       'sca/sca_out/sc_ray_a.s'
'PhaseRayO:      '       'sca/sca_out/sc_ray_o.s'

as output. An now I want to extract the:


So my pattern would be '*.s', with the quotes being part of the pattern but not part of the wanted result.

Any ideas on that? I guess sed will du the job but have no clue how... Thanks for any help... All the best, André

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Your question is a little ambiguous, but this should do what I think you mean:

sed -e "s/'[^']*' *'//" -e "s/'//" file
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You might want to consider awk:

$ cat test.txt
'PhaseRayA:      '       'sca/sca_out/sc_ray_a.s'
'PhaseRayO:      '       'sca/sca_out/sc_ray_o.s'

$ awk -F "'" '{print $4}' test.txt

I tend to use sed to edit files and awk to process them. awk is built for breaking up records.

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Give this a try:

sed "s/.*'\([^']*\)'/\1/" inputfile


sed 's/.*\o47\([^\o47]*\)\o47/\1/' inputfile    # that's the letter "o" between the backslash and the 4


sed 's/.*\x27\([^\x27]*\)\x27/\1/' inputfile
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