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I'm designing an Android app, and am getting ready to layout my UI and design.

What's the best way to go about doing that? I have been working with a partner and he has been designing some of what we'd like to use in Photoshop and Fireworks.

How do we go about implementing those designs (backgrounds, buttons, etc.) into our code to build the layout of the app?

EDIT: I think a better question would be to ask: If I save a JPG of the background design and any buttons I've made in any other editing program, where in the XML code would I insert that to include it in my interface?

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This question is really too vague to be answered here. You're basically asking for a primer on writing Android UIs. You'd be better off googling "Android interface tutorial" or something like that and spending a few hours reading. –  Joshua Carmody Mar 1 '11 at 16:07

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This is a pretty vague question. But I will tell you what worked for us.

You want to first separate your functionality from your UI. So for example, you know that you many need a login screen. Don't waste time on the UI, create a function that does login(user, password) and make sure that works first by unit testing.

When its time to do the UI design, you should be given JPEG or Adobe PSD files that you can view.

First start doing the XML for the UI without worrying too much about the color and background images. This is equivalent to doing some HTML. You don't want to worry about the CSS yet.

Once your layout is correct, (and for it to be correct, you may have had to create some themes or styles) then I would move forward to cutting images.

If images need to be resized depending on the screen size then create PNG 9 patches by using the draw9patch tool that comes with the SDK. For background you should create 9 patch tools. For images and icons you should create med and high resolution ones.

Once everything is done, plugin your awesome, already tested client code in to you UI and try it out to make sure everything works.

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Learning how the code works is going to be your best bet, don't count on a visual layout designer especially if you're doing anything complex.

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If you're talking about component discovery, I've had success by going to the reference docs and beginning to type the name of a component I'm looking for. It will quickly show up in the list and then you can read more about it.

You'll have to develop a feel for what widgets Android has before you can think about combining them into more complicated views.

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