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This is my first question here :).

I been trying for while now to map physical memory to virtual memory in vxWorks 6.8 with no success, I'm trying to use "vmMap" function but somehow it keeps return with:

errno = 0x30065 S_taskLib_NAME_NOT_FOUND.

my code is:

int page_size=0;

page_size =vmPageSizeGet();
if((VIRTUAL_ADDR = (VIRT_ADDR)memalign(page_size,page_size*2))==NULL)// allocate 2 pages 
    printf("error in memalign() errno = 0x%x\n",errnoGet());

    printf("Error mapping memory errno = 0x%x%\n",errnoGet());

Any help will be very appreciate, thanks,


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Did you figure this out yet? Some vxWorks functions don't set errno when they fail, so you can set it to 0 before calling the function to check if the errno is really from vmMap. – David Winant Apr 1 '11 at 20:12
Hi, yes i solved it, the same way for both addresses (0x160... and 0x40E....) in the syslib.c file in the BSP { /* MAP GPIO / (VIRT_ADDR) 0x40E00000, / virtual address / (PHYS_ADDR) 0x40E00000, / physical address / 0x1000, / length, then initial state: */ VM_STATE_MASK_VALID | VM_STATE_MASK_WRITABLE | VM_STATE_MASK_CACHEABLE , VM_STATE_VALID | VM_STATE_WRITABLE | VM_STATE_CACHEABLE_NOT }, and virtual with the needed "allocation size" and, used the pointer to the requested address as "flat" just as is with the needed offsets. – Moshe Artzi Apr 12 '11 at 14:56

I see you already solved this long ago, but thought I'd leave some bread crumbs for whoever else might stumble this way in the dim & distant future..

Unless you're doing RTPs there's a good chance your MMU isn't even translating addresses. I.e., if something appears at say, 0x7fc00400 in the physical address space, you could simply cast that value to a pointer and use it.

*((short *) 0x7fc00400) = foo; // write 16 bits!

And Yes, these days it is almost sacrilege to suggest (ab)using pointers this way, but I would point out that if you're doing vxworks kernel space code, you're practically on the bare metal anyway, so why not?

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