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I have a dijit.form.Select on my page:

<c:set var="qualId" value="${previous.qualification.id}" />
<select id="qualification" name="qualification" dojoType="dijit.form.Select" onchange="checkForPHD()">
    <option value="-1" label="                      "> </option>
    <c:forEach items="${requestScope.qualifications}" var="qualItem">
        <c:when test="${qualId eq qualItem.id}">
            <option value="${qualItem.id}" selected = "selected">${qualItem.name}</option>
            <option value="${qualItem.id}">${qualItem.name}</option>

Then some javascript that I'm trying to use to set some text to the TEXT of the option chosen from the select box;

    function checkForPHD() {    
        dojo.byId('clazzPHDMessage').innerHTML = dojo.byId('qualification')

I'd read that the .attr('displayedValue') was suppose to get the text from the selected option in a dijit.form.Select but it doesn't seem to do much? .attr('value') got that values ok but I need the TEXT?

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You should use dijit.byId() to get widget instance. Try to use this code to get selected text:

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Tops, Cheers for that –  Nick Foote Mar 1 '11 at 17:22

Seems like what you want is the innerHTML of the currently selected option (<option>THIS TEXT??</option>). I think this should do the trick. Loop over all the select's options with getOptions and find the selected one, then return its innerHTML. I don't know if dijit.form.Select has a selectedIndex property, but that would help too.

function getSelectedText() {
  dojo.foreach(dijit.byId("qualification").getOptions(), function(opt, i) {
    if (opt.selected) {
      return opt.innerHTML;
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