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I just installed memcache in my machine.Actually,i have to create regions in there. For eg there should be 3 regions created ,each storing a set of data.Am not sure how can i do that in memcache.Can anyone please help/give eg as it is "urgent".

Thanks in advance

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Memcached itself is just a service that runs on your server. It can be connected to and commands sent to it over a text based protocol. Once the service is running, you can use a tool such as telnet or netcat to interact with it.

As for accessing from Java, you'll probably want a library to do most of the work for you. There were a few listed on this question: Java Memcached Client

Now as for your regions: memchached is basically a key/value table. To set a region you'd do something like memcached.set("key", yourData) and to get it back you'd do something like yourData = memcached.get("key")

Note that these functions will vary depending which library you are using.

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