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I am implementing a JTextPane-based text editor. Currently, when I have a piece of selected text, pressing the TAB key deletes the selected text. I would like to change this behavior such that TAB will indent the selected text.

How to go about it?

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Something along the line of:

public void keyPressed ( KeyEvent event ) {
    	switch ( event.getKeyCode ()) {
    		case KeyEvent.VK_TAB :
    			insertTabChar ( event.isShiftDown ());
    			event.consume ();
    		case KeyEvent.VK_ENTER :
    			snapshot ();
    			insertNewLine ();
    			event.consume ();

You have some classes out there which do just that, like this one.

In particular, the function

     * manage keyboard tabbing, implementing blockindent.
     * @param isUnindent
    private void insertTabChar ( boolean isUnindent ) {

    	snapshot (); // snapshot current setup

    	if ( isSelection ) { // blockindent

might do just what you need.

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I had to do that before, it looks right from here. –  geowa4 Feb 5 '09 at 13:45

The other way is to redefine action for JTextArea component associated with TAB key. Take look at ActionMap.

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