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If it does, why can't I override it in my code?

protected override bool OnPreAction(string actionName, System.Reflection.MethodInfo methodInfo)
    //do stuff

    return base.OnPreAction(actionName, methodInfo);

The posted code is in a Controller wich extends from Controller class. When I compile I get this error:

'Namespace.Controllers.XXController.OnPreAction(string, System.Reflection.MethodInfo)': no suitable method found to override

If the method doesn't exist, is there anyone which replace it?

If it does exist, whats the problem in my code?

Please help!


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You should override OnActionExecuting.

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Ok. And why is that? Is OnPreAction from MVC 1? – Diego Mar 2 '11 at 13:42
@Diego: I think it's from a beta. – SLaks Mar 2 '11 at 14:16

There is no such method. You probably want OnActionExecuting

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You're looking for ActionFilter attributes. You can easily roll your own pre/post processing for either a single action or every action in a controller.

BTW, some standard filters based on the same mechanism are included in ASP.NET MVC, such as the Authorize attribute.

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