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My team is moving our code to a hosted service like github or bitbucket. We have been back and forth on these two scenarios:

  1. we grant access to the developer's personal accounts
  2. we have everyone create a work account like EMPLOYER_DR

What did your team choose? Do you have any Pros or Cons?

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Grant access to the developer's personal accounts, because:

  • It's good publicity. If you're using something high-visibility like GitHub, it will improve your street cred, which will make it easier to find and hire new developers in the future.

  • It doesn't impact security. If the service is worth its salt, you can make the repository private regardless of who's on it, so forcing employees to make a new account is silly.

  • Don't force people to remember another set of credentials to access the same service in a different manner. This is just a good security practice in general.

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