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I would like to know how to escape phpdoc comments within a phpdoc comment.

For example, how would I have to write this:

 * Some documentation...
 * <code>
 * /**
 *  * Example example phpdoc.
 *  */
 * </code>

Obviously above example won't work.

I tried replacing the asterisk's with &#x2A;, but it will just nicely print "&#x2A;"...

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Yo dawg, I heard you like phpdoc comments.... – user212218 Jul 31 '12 at 19:32
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According to DocBlock Description details, you can, as of 1.2.0rc1, write {@*} to write */.

For example:

 * Simple DocBlock with a code example containing a docblock
 * <code>
 *  /**
 *   * My sample DocBlock in code
 *   {@*} 
 * </code>
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You need to use @example. Add the following lines after the tag </code>

 @example /path/to/example.php How to use this function
 @example This example is in the "examples" subdirectory

You can find more info here. So you apparently need to have the example code in a separate file too.

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