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How do I split a string by . delimiter in PHP? For example, if I have the string "a.b", how do I get "a"?

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explode does the job:

$parts = explode('.', $string);

You can also directly fetch parts of the result into variables:

list($part1, $part2) = explode('.', $string);
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explode('.', $string)

If you know your string has a fixed number of components you could use something like

list($a, $b) = explode('.', 'object.attribute');
echo $a;
echo $b;


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$string_val = 'a.b';

$parts = explode('.', $string_val);


Docs: http://us.php.net/manual/en/function.explode.php

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The following will return you the "a" letter:

$a = array_shift(explode('.', "a.b"));
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$array = explode('.',$string);

Returns an array of split elements.

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explode('.', 'a.b');


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to explode with '.' use

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