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I am trying to read some code that has a lot of macros in it. And often the macros are chained. Is there any way to see a version of the file where all the macros have been expanded -- without doing a full run of the preprocessor (which would also do stuff like expand #imports)? This would really help me read the code.

EDIT: Often the macros are defined in other files.

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Not sure if there's a way to do this in Xcode, but you can use the compiler, specifically the -E option, which stops processing right after preprocessing.

cc -E foo.c

will print all the preprocessed results on stdout. And

cc -E foo.c -o foo.preproc

will dump the preprocessed output into foo.preproc.

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As best I can tell, the answer to my question is that there is no way to do it. The best I can do is do a full precompile, then search for the part of the file that starts after all the #include statements.

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