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I m starting a new project and looking into three20 for the table views. I saw that TTTableImageItem offers part of the required functionality for free,to lazily load the images,but what i want to do is also save each photo to disk after the first load so the next time i will fetch them from there. In previous cases i was doing manualy the loading of the visible images at my model ,so i could also save them . Is there any way to achieve such a thing and keep the rest of the functionallity TTTableImageItem offers?

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Yes TTCache will do this for you.

[[TTURLCache sharedCache] storeImage:image forURL:URL];
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Yes your suggestion seems to be what im looking for,though one thing that i havent sorted out is how to get notified that the image has loaded so to store it on disk. I see the TTTableImageItemCell has a TTImageView which has a delegate property for the TTImageViewDelegate protocol,but im not sure how i could use that..But i will propably need to subclass TTTableItem and TTTableItemCell to have custom UI ,so i could just manipulate directly the TTImageView and use the delegate ,is that correct?

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