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I am using a ListView and would like to implement the switch from read only mode to edit mode for a ListView item on the client side. Some of this is discussed at: Inline form editing on client side

I am trying to do this by something like:

<asp:ListView ID="ListViewContactNumber" runat="server">
        <table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
            <asp:PlaceHolder ID="itemPlaceholder" runat="server"></asp:PlaceHolder>
        <div class="readonly">
            <asp:Label ID="LabelType" runat="server" 
                Text='<%# Server.HtmlEncode(Eval("Name").ToString()) %>'></asp:Label>
            <a href="#" onclick="switchState(this,"edit");return false;">Edit</a>
        <div class="edit">
            <asp:TextBox ID="TextBoxName" runat="server"
                Text='<%# Eval("Name") %>'
            <asp:LinkButton ID="LinkButtonSave" runat="server"
            <a href="#" onclick="switchState(this,"readonly");return false;">Cancel</a>

switchState is a Javascript function that simply hides/shows the DIVs with the readonly and edit classnames. In LinkButtonSave_Click I get the value from TexBoxName but it always contains the bound original value and not the edited value that was entered in the texbox.

  • Does ASP.NET not postback the textbox value because it is in the ItemTemplate or is it something else that's causing this problem?
  • Could I use a Repeater instead to accomplish this?
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when using javascript to change state you must use ajax to update your data ::

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It turned out that the ListView was not the source of the problem at all. I was re-databinding on Page_Load without checking if it was a postback.

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