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I am developing an application where I pdf files in the assets folder to applicaitons internal storage and display them on screen. Onclick of each document I launch Adobe reader to display the document. I have to delete the documents once the user finishes viewing the documents. I am not sure on which event I should write the "Delete" part of the code. When I invoke the adobe reader my app is going into pause/stop state. But if I delete the files in on Pause()/onStop(), the reader is not able to access these files as I am deleting these. I need to delete the files after he exits the pdf reader. Is there a way I can handle this? Or is there a logic to code this requirement?

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Actually you can't delete/modify anything in assets/ or res/ dirs, because the apk is read only.

Anyway, if you can solve this in another way, you could set some lastOpenedPdf variable in the onClick that opens the pdf, and later check in onStart() or onRestart() for the content of the variable and do what you like.

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Thank you for the response. Actually i want to delete the files from the internal storage not from the /assets folder in the apk. Also, in other words, my question is once I fire the pdf reader using startActivity(intent) from with in my application, is there a way I can track the state of the pdf reader application from with in my app? – NavinC Mar 1 '11 at 21:15
@NavinC I never used it but there's startActivityForResult(), it has some caveats if the activity you start does not return a result.… – bigstones Mar 1 '11 at 21:21
thanks again. I didn't know about this. Will look into it. – NavinC Mar 1 '11 at 21:30

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