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So I am trying to get either an NSPoint or NSRect corresponding with the location of a specific character in an NSTextView. This is what I have so far (that isn't working very well, the results seem kind of unpredictable.

NSRange theTextRange = [[theTextView layoutManager] glyphRangeForCharacterRange:[theTextStorage editedRange] actualCharacterRange:NULL];
NSRect theTextRect = [[theTextView layoutManager] boundingRectForGlyphRange:theTextRange inTextContainer:[theTextView textContainer]];
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The rect returned by boundingRectForGlyphRange:inTextContainer: is in container coordinates. You need to adjust for this if you want to get the rect relative to the text view:

NSRange theTextRange = [[textView layoutManager] glyphRangeForCharacterRange:textRange actualCharacterRange:NULL];
NSRect layoutRect = [[textView layoutManager] boundingRectForGlyphRange:theTextRange inTextContainer:[textView textContainer]];
NSPoint containerOrigin = [textView textContainerOrigin];
layoutRect.origin.x += containerOrigin.x;
layoutRect.origin.y += containerOrigin.y;
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