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As Blackberry developers we start the day with a much smaller toolbox than your everyday mobile developer. In addition the J2ME constraint means that we aren't able to take advantage of one of Java's core "features": an abundance of third-party frameworks including Guice.

That being the case, what are the best practices in app architecture for the Blackberry platform?

I'm looking for core frameworks and/or principles that answer perennial architecture questions like:

  • How do we do dependency injection?
  • How do we do test-driven development?
  • How do we manage multiple API versions?
  • How do we sneak in or emulate our favorite features from other Java versions?

Please highlight one principle or best practice per answer.

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I gave a presentation where I touch on some of these topics at BlackBerry DevCon'10:

In this presentation, I touched on various techniques for managing multiple API versions using libraries and use of abstract factories that dynamically instantiate at runtime. I also offered some creative solutions to certain problems that arise when managing API versions across the inheritance hierarchy of BlackBerry Screen classes. In addition, I offered an example of how I do unit testing using J2MEUnit and a custom-written (and source-provided) test console GUI that runs in the simulator.

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Retrotranslator has improved my development setup.

I got the idea from AtomicObject's Our Blackberry Development Environment.

I never got enums to work at all, and most Collections aren't usable, but generics and annotations save the day.

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