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I want to work on boost library and i was wondering an answer of question what gui of boost library? Is there any gui program for boost library? And how can i integrate both of gui and boost to eachother?

Sorry my english :)

Thanks your help.

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Go mark an answer on some previous questions. – Marlon Mar 1 '11 at 21:13

No, Boost has no GUI library. If you need multiplatform C++ GUI library, then take a look at e.g. Qt. There is nothing much to 'integrate' between Boost and a GUI library, though.

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No, Boost has no GUI library.

There has been some long discussions on what one should include, but as usual there was no agreement. This is a hard issue!

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Might give Clutter a shot. OpenGL/ES-based. Pretty much every modern computing device with a screen has some sort of OpenGL support these days.

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