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I'm starting one new project, and I need to choose the best technology to maintain one Middleware Layer.

This layer will offer REST and SOAP Webservices to several devices (mobile and web)

I need Speed!

I need easy setup and scalability


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Rails and .NET are frameworks. for Python, I imagine you really mean using something like django. However, another question is really what you're actually familiar with, and if you need cross platform support? – birryree Mar 1 '11 at 21:32
Yes one Python Framework MVC – Pedro Mar 1 '11 at 21:34
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I am a Rails developer but I wouldnt recommend you Rails for your purpose, maybe Sinatra but Ruby in general is not known for its speed.

Considering your observations I would go for python, perhaps django is more a FrontEnd techonology. Give Tornado a try, even if you dont really need its main feature (asynchronously) its known to be very fast and very easy to setup

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