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I've got a view with a form, so when user submits it - could anyone give me a link or a simple example of code Documentation and tutorials for Kohana 3 are so poor against CI .

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Another way to access post data in Kohana

$username = Arr::get($_POST, 'username', 'default_username');
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yes, thanks, that's what i was asking for – shershen Mar 2 '11 at 17:34

In Kohana 3.1 you should use Request->post():


or if in your controller:


Since Kohana is HMVC, you can call sub-requests with dedicated post data, so using the superglobal $_POST is discouraged, since it's not unique to the request.

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Also you can use $this->request->post($key) to get $_POST[$key] if exists – biakaveron Mar 2 '11 at 16:19
Although it isn't relevant to this question, I came here looking for request data in general regarding Kohana, and I discovered that $this->request->query() is the GET version of post() and just thought I'd mention it for anyone in my situation. :) – Thomas Daugaard Nov 8 '13 at 14:08
       function action_add()
    $tpl =& $this->template;

    // Add companies
    $company_orm = ORM::factory('company');

    if ( $company_orm->check() )  //Validation Check
        if ( $company_orm->save() )
            // Inserting data

            // Error
            // Validation Failed


Small Example. You can implement all the validations in the model using protected.

Thank you

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