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Is there a website or service that I can use to test my mac app store apps? I've seen, but being that it costs money I want to make sure that there aren't any other services that are better. Thanks!

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Upvoting your question, because I don't know any other service and would be interested to see what else exists and how good it is. – Guillaume Mar 2 '11 at 11:04
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I used about 2 years ago, for a Mac app (yes, there were Mac apps even before the Mac App Store).
It was a really great experience. Feedback from beta-testers was great, in quality and quantity. It helped me to spot and fix some very subtle bugs. This is great, because I didn't want real users to encounter them.

I find the price asked for the service (less than $20) very reasonable:

  • Think about how much it will cost you if even one bug is not found until on the App Store, and a user posts a very negative review because of it.
  • The infrastructure provided to ease your beta-testing phase is great. The time saved was enough to make me feel it was worth it. I prefer to spend my time coding and improving my marketing than to deal with problem someone else resolved better than me
  • When I had questions, the support was replying very quickly, with great and appropriate answers
  • ...
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alright, looks like that's what I'll go with. Thanks for the input! – edc1591 Mar 3 '11 at 1:54

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