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I feel like an idiot right now as I tried to run the DemoApp which is coming with the default facebook sdk for the iphone.

I registered a new application in facebook, took he application id and added it to he DemoAppViewConroller.m like this:

static NSString* kAppId = @"175223790000000";

Then I changed the following in the DemoApp-Info.plist:

URL types - Item 0 - URL Schemes - Item 0 = fb[175223790000000]

Now the app crashes everytime it tries to start. There is no warning thrown.

Does anyone know what I do wrong?

Thx and cheers doonot

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Please remove the square brackets from URL scheme:

URL types - Item 0 - URL Schemes - Item 0 = fb175223790000000


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thanks buddy!!! – doonot Mar 2 '11 at 6:20

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