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What I am attempting to do is to convert a JPEG image from an Android app, send it across to a Java app (e.g. a server) and then convert it back to a JPEG file.

I know how to do these parts individually; i.e. - JPEG to byte[] conversion in Android using BitmapFactory and BitMap classes - conversion from a byte[] created in Java side (using ImageIO) back into a JPEG class.

My question is how to re-create the JPEG in the Java side if the byte[] created by the Android app contains compressed data (e.g. created using BitMap#compress method). The only knowledge shared between Android and Java side is that the content will be a JPEG file (and can pass in info about a common compression algorithm if both libraries/APIs support it).

Any help is much appreciated!

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Why would you want to recreate a jpg if you already have it ? BTW it doesnt matter where the file came from as this not the important part of the q... –  mP. Mar 2 '11 at 3:44

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I would avoid the compress() step if possible. JPEGs are already compressed. Otherwise you are going to need a BitMapFactory implementation on the Java side.

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