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I'm currently working on a Rails project right now, doing learning and working on it at the same time...

So I was just trying to create a form for editing user and this is how I doing it

<%= form_for(@user,:url => { :action => "update",:controller => "users" }) do |f| %>
  <% @f = f %>
  <%= render 'users/dialog'%>
<% end %>

But then I got the error

No route matches {:action=>"update", :controller=>"users"}

Which I did not expect it to be happen since

<%= form_for(@user,:url => { :action => "create",:controller => "users" }) do |f| %>

is working for me.

Didn't find some answer I want on Google, hope someone can help me out on this


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No need to supply a :url if you already pass the @user object.

<%= form_for(@user) do |f| %>
  <%= render 'users/dialog'%>
<% end %>

Also, avoid setting variables such as @f in the view. This is not view's responsibility.

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Wow... didn't know it is that easy, thank you – Souloikj Mar 1 '11 at 22:59

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