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This is the fourier series I've calculated using wolfram alpha*0.5)/(2*pi*-2)*e^(i*-4*pi*x/0.5)%2B(i*0.5)/(-2*pi)*e^(-i*2*pi*x/0.5)%2B(0.5/2)*1%2B(i*0.5)/(2*pi)*e^(i*2*pi*x/0.5)%2B(i*0.5)/(4*pi)*e^(i*4*pi*x/0.5)

This is how I write in matlab for eg C(-2)


But the plot is not at all close to the original, what am I doing wrong?

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As a followup from Ben's point, always use 1i instead of i, because it will withstand the use of i as a local variable.

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You have not parenthesized the expression the same (eg consider /(2*pi*-2) vs /2*pi*-2). It's also possible you used i as an index variable in your workspace and it is no longer the complex value sqrt(-1).

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