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This is two questions really:

  • how do I resize a curses window, and
  • how do I deal with a terminal resize in curses?

Is it possible to know when a window has changed size?

I really can't find any good doc, not even covered on http://docs.python.org/library/curses.html

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Terminal resize event will result in the curses.KEY_RESIZE key code. Therefore you can handle terminal resize as part of a standard main loop in a curses program, waiting for input with getch.

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This is right, but only when ncurses is compiled with --enable-sigwinch. In particular, the libncurses in Debian and Ubuntu doesn't have that turned on; I'm not sure why. –  the paul Jul 20 '13 at 5:05
@thepaul: at least in my Ubuntu 12.04 I do get curses.KEY_RESIZE code when I resize the terminal emulator window. –  MestreLion Feb 10 at 3:10
Good, I'm glad they fixed that. –  the paul Feb 11 at 17:26

I got my python program to re-size the terminal by doing a couple of things.

# Check if screen was re-sized (True or False)
resize = curses.is_term_resized(y, x)

# Action in loop if resize is True:
if resize is True:
    y, x = screen.getmaxyx()
    curses.resizeterm(y, x)

As I'm writing my program I can see the usefulness of putting my screen into it's own class with all of these functions defined so all I have to do is call Screen.resize() and it would take care of the rest.

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It isn't right. It's an ncurses-only extension. The question asked about curses. To do this in a standards-conforming way you need to trap SIGWINCH yourself and arrange for the screen to be redrawn.

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This is talking about Python's curses library which actually wraps the ncurses library. –  Sandy Chapman Apr 8 at 22:50

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