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At work I have to access/work with the Channel Advisor API


I'm attempting to perform a simple ping

from suds.client import Client
url = ''
soap_client = Client(url, location='')

#Ping the service
ping = soap_client.service.Ping()


I get a response stating that my SOAP XML is malformed

The request needs to look like:

    <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="" xmlns:web="">

But Instead it looks like:

    <SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:ns0="" xmlns:ns1="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:SOAP-ENV="">

I'm not experienced with SOAP at all, i've avoided its endless implementations and complexities thus far - and so pardon me for my sheer ignorance and lack of knowledge, but what if anything am I doing wrong - how can I get python (our language of choice for this sort of thing) to work with the channel advisor API


*As I have not received any answers, I'll try to update everyone if/when I find a solution (March 3, 2011)

I think part of the problem is SUDS may not be including nested WSDL files correctly.

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I just had this same problem and finally realized that I had to pass the APICredentials for CA to respond to any request, even a ping. Here's an example:

import logging
from suds.client import Client

# Set logging to DEBUG level to see soap messages


# Initialize client - The extra location is required because CA is https
client = Client(url,location='')

# Set soap headers to include login information
login = client.factory.create('APICredentials')
login.DeveloperKey = 'YOUR_KEY'
login.Password = 'YOUR_PWD'

# Send Ping to CA
result = client.service.Ping()

print result
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