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To be specific, I only have 1GB of free memory and would like to use only 300MB for Redis. How can I configure it so that it is only uses up to 300MB of memory?

Out of curiosity, what happen when you try to insert a new data and Redis is already used all the memory allocated?

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maxmemory is the correct configuration option to prevent Redis from using too much RAM.

If an insert causes maxmemory to be exceeded, the insert operation will sometimes fail.

Redis will do everything in its power to prevent the operation from failing, though. In the newer versions of Redis, you can configure the memory reclaiming policies in the configuration, as well by setting the maxmemory-policy option.

Also, if you have virtual memory options turned on, Redis will begin to store stale data to the disk.

More info:

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You can do that using maxmemory option: maxmemory 314572800 means 300mb.

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I could be wrong, but I found nothing in the Redis docs that spells out the UNITS for maxmemory, and this is very frustrating. Evidently, it's in bytes? – David A. Ventimiglia Jul 19 '13 at 19:41
It's maxmemory Xgb in the latest version of Redis. – Henley Chiu Jan 10 at 1:15

try this it will definetely work i was also struck on this same problem.

redis-server –-maxheap 1gb

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