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I am using cargo-maven plugin and I am trying to use token replacement feature of the plugin. Somehow its not working for me. I think I dont know how to represent token so that cargo can replace it with the value. Here is my plugin config


Contents of my test.properties are as follows:

project.home = $dchome

It would be great if any one can show me an example of how to use token replacement of cargo plugin.


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I got the answer from cargo user groups. Here is the link

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The link above appears to be broken. However, I had this same problem, and came across this page while googling for a solution, so I figured I would post my resolution here in the hope it helps someone else.

The original poster was close to a solution - he just had to use a leading and trailing AT symbol (@) to denote the text he wanted to replace in his property file.

So, the solution is pretty straight-forward; instead of doing this in the test.properties file:

project.home = $dchome

He needed to do this instead:

project.home = @dchome@

Once that change was made the Cargo plugin was able to update the property file with the correct information from the "properties" section of the pom.

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