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I am looking for native windows utility or powershell cmdlet for doing this. (Not SSH server over Windows)

I have two machines on the same network. I want to copy files from machine1 to machine2 by executing some command on machine 2. That means I need to specify credentials for machine1 while copying the file.

I found the PsExec tool, which only allows copy file from psexec command execution machine to remote machine and execute it automatically. But, I don't want such behavior.

What is the best way to get the file from Machine1 onto machine2?

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Make a batch file that first authenticates against the remote box, and then copies the file.

run on machine1

@echo off
net use \\\\machine2\admin$ /user:machine2\Admind2 /password:password
copy \\\\machine2\c$\data.file c:\
net use \\\\machine2\admin$ /delete

Instead of using "copy" I would also look into using the free robocopy.exe utility instead.

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PowerShell Copy-Item does not support credentials for filesystem provider yet. So, that is ruled out.

PSExec is probably the only option you have. Also, check RemoteExec.

I have not tried it myself but it helps in copying files to/from a remote machine.

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copy-item does not support credentials, but new-psdrive does. Once the drive mapping is established with those credentials, you should be able to copy-item to that location without needing any further authentication. –  mjolinor Mar 2 '11 at 2:42
Oh, yes. I forgot New-PSDrive. Good workaround Rob. –  ravikanth Mar 2 '11 at 4:17

Have you looked into the putty ssh client for doing scp and a windows-based ssh server? I cannot recommend a particular ssh server for the windows platform, though I'm sure there are plenty of openssh-based applications out there, but I highly recommend the process. It is one that you'll need to be familiar with in the long-term of a digital career, anyway.

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Install Cygwin and include the OpenSSH package. Then, set up OpenSSH to run as a service. It's that simple. Here's an older (though still accurate) article about how to do this: –  mattmc3 Mar 2 '11 at 4:43

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