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I am interested in starting Windows 7 Mobile dev and have searched the net for tutorials. Each says I should install Visual Studio 2010 Express For Phone to accomplish the task. I have VS 2010 Premium but can't find the templates and the tutorials they speak of in it.

I find it redundant to have two versions of VS installed so I guess my question is can I develop for the Windows 7 Mobile platform directly from VS 2010 Premium? Am I missing some sort of service pack that will install the templates or do I have to install Express For Phone in parallel with Premium to accomplish this? Can this even be done?

Cheers :)

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The web installer of the package should already detect the presence of VS2010 and just install the add ins necessary for WP7 development.

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This is correct although the installer does install the Express version, it just doesn't create the short cuts and file associations if there's another version of VS2010 already installed. – Matt Lacey Mar 2 '11 at 3:06
So let me get this right... I will have two versions of VS installed after the installation process? – nokturnal Apr 4 '11 at 13:44

I think you want this link:

Installing Windows Phone Developer Tools

and then choose for C# or Visual Basic which package to install.

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I had the same problem and I solved it by changing the language of visual studio. Visual studio needs to have the same language of the windows phone SDK.

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For more convenience and ease of developing, i suggest, you may want to switch over to Visual Studio 2012. You can get it from Here.

As you're wanting to develop for Win 7 Phone.
VS2012 has very useful templates already installed.And it makes app development very convenient.

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