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I can adda UINavigationController to a UIView programmatically but how is this represented in IB?

Everytime I add UINavigationController to the view heirarchy it stays at the same level as the (root) UIView. Is this normal?

I expected to be able to "drag" the UINavigationController underneath the View.

   - UINavigationController
   - UIView

but instead I get in IB:


I basically have, in my app, a View that contains two sections, the top section is a UIView and the bottom section is the UINaivationController. (think of it as something like a split view but vertically)

my main question is this: Is it normal to see the UINaigationController at the same level as the root view in IB during design the views?

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Pretty much. IB doesn't really let you do much with controller-owned views; you'll need an outlet pointing to that navigation controller, then, in -viewDidLoad or -application:didFinishLaunchingWithOptions: or whatever, add the navigation controller's view to whatever view you want as its parent, i.e.

[self.theParentViewOutlet addSubview:self.theNavigationControllerOutlet.view];
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